A bit about the mentorship, pricing and how to apply


Hi, I’m Pedja Rusic,

I started Tipsy Pixel as a mentorship program back in 2015 when I just wanted to share graphic design and digital art knowledge I acquired from all of my past experiences. During the past 15 years, I was involved with a lot of different projects, various teams, jobs, startups… you name it.

For some time Tipsy Pixel also became a co-working space, but sadly that didn’t last too long, while I continued to teach and mentor people and moved everything to online only.

You can see more of my work on my Dribbble page.

Over the years I always focused on changing things up, this new presentation is just that, a new way of teaching and making people learn new things, while becoming something more in that process, oh and also for free.

The main idea here is to release my previous Basic Plan public for anyone to watch. Where the idea is to present to everyone an easy to understand and neatly packaged series of videos, where the main goal for everyone is to make this one final piece. You can watch all of the videos on YouTube, and after each session you get closer and closer to completion. The sessions will be spoken in Serbian, with English subtitles.

1 on 1 Mentorship

From the start I strongly believed that by not having groups and by just working with one person, really makes everything just easier, more cozy. And on top of it all just really effective, the results so far showed super progress with anyone really. You honestly don’t have to know anything, just show some initiative and the will to learn. It’s a good time!


So for the teaching aspect, I don’t give out any silly certificates or anything like that. You don’t need any of that, and my advice is never chase those pieces of paper of little value. The main thing I can give you is usable knowledge, and as many simulation training for actual work situations and more. And I try to make you laugh from time to time 🙂

Sessions and Tools

As I mentioned above, I’ve moved the entire thing to online, so the tool we use is Whereby, for screen sharing screens so you can easily track everything. Basecamp is there for all session bookings and just a place to store all of the work and files, and for each session you get a recording of everything so you can easily just watch what you missed, and speed up your process.


Besides the mentorship program, I also do consulting for Clients, Teams, Companies, whoever that needs a fresh set of eyes for whatever you are making, I can always give my perspective and as many inputs and changes that could benefit you. Hit me up here if you are interested in a different opinion consulting@tipsypixel.com


You can start anytime by watching the videos on Sessions page or on my Youtube channel. After you complete them all, you will have the essential knowledge and will know what you need to do. The sessions last a little under 10 hours, and I know it may seem overwhelming at first, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble following and understanding it all.

After all of that you can go this Google Form to apply, inside I added some bonus tasks for those that want a bigger challenge, they help in my decision if I want to work with you in the end. Better results will surely have an advantage. And there is a limit of students I can have at one time. So there will be waiting lists if the number exceeds my capacity.


People who already have experience and want to upgrade themselves send me your work and what you do. While with everyone else who applies I will still leave a proper feedback on why you were not chosen and what areas you can improve on. And if you want to support me and my work you can always follow the Youtube channel and my Patreon. For any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me via Email.

Download the source files from the button below inside you’ll find the .psd file, the images used and some bonus content. The idea is that have all of the material to complete your own version of the assignment. When you are done, fill in the Google Form to apply!